Forged Aluminum Powersports Components

At Cerro Fabricated Products (CFP), we’re proud to be a leading supplier of top-quality forged and machined parts for our customers in the powersports industry. Whether it’s a part for a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or another vehicle, our team knows what it takes to ensure reliability and peak performance. Since all of our forging capabilities are handled completely in-house, including heat treating and die manufacturing, our customers get the most value along with our signature quality.

We supply machined aluminum forgings and can machine parts from billet material in ferrous and nonferrous materials up to 10” in diameter. CFP has in-house tool and die manufacturing capabilities and in-house heat treating too (T4, T6, T73 & T74) ensuring quick lead times from sampling to production.  We can also provide a turnkey part including finishing, assembly and special packaging.

Cerro’s quality system includes CMM part validation, blue light scanning, PPAP capabilities, simulation software, 3D printing and SolidWorks.

Parts We Forge:

  • Wheel Hubs
  • Handle Bar Risers
  • Brake Levers
  • Brake Pedals
  • Swing Arms
  • Triple Clamps
  • Steering Knuckles
  • Suspensions
  • Shock Eyelets
  • Struts
  • Clutch Plates
  • And Others
forged powersports components

Flexibility & Fast Turnaround

Success in the power sports industry depends on being able to bring fresh products to the market quickly and cost-effectively.  We work directly with our customers and lend our extensive design and manufacturing expertise to supply premium forged or billet machined components quickly.

With our valuable design assistance, flexible sampling and short lead times, our customers get the perfect part for their unique application faster and at a lower cost.

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