About Cerro Fabricated Products

Located in Weyers Cave, Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Cerro Fabricated Products (CFP) was originally established in 1915. We specialize in precision forging, machining, and heat treating of brass, aluminum, and other nonferrous materials, supplying an array of complex parts to customers in demanding markets nationwide. Our team is renowned for our ability to solve our customers’ biggest challenges creatively to deliver premium-quality components with short lead times. With complete in-house capabilities and the flexibility and precision needed to provide value even in niche markets, CFP is a trusted industry leader.

Our History


1915: Origins

The company was founded as Titan Metals in Bellfonte, PA by William P. Seig. The original product produced was a single large-diameter brass rod.

1920-1959: Expansion

Titan Metals expanded into hot-pressed brass forgings, pressure die-castings, screw machining, and general machining operations.

1959: Acquisition

Titan Metals was acquired by the Cerro de Pasco Corporation, an American-owned company specializing in international mining, milling, and fabrication of non-ferrous metals.

1963: Name Change

Titan Metals changed its company name to the Cerro Copper and Brass Company.

1976: The Marmon Group

Cerro was acquired by the Marmon Group, a successful industrial holding company based in Chicago, IL. The company’s name was also changed to the Cerro Metals Company.

1979: Weyers Cave

Cerro began a brass forging and machining operation in Weyers Cave, Virginia, a small town in the beautiful Shannandoah Valley, where our operation continues to this day.

2000: Acquisition

Cerro acquired Accurate Forgings, who has operations in Brave, PA as well as Bristol and West Hartford, CT.

Cerro Fabricated Products

2004: Consolidation

Cerro consolidated our operations into two primary facilities, Brave, PA and Weyers Cave, VA, under the name Cerro Fabricated Products.

2004-2008: New Markets

Cerro reshaped our product offerings from plumbing fittings and valves to a broad set of niche component offerings for the firearms, oil and gas, PPE, power sports, and electrical markets.

2008: Berkshire Hathaway

The Marmon Group was acquired by Berkshire-Hathaway, one of the world’s most successful investment firms, run by famed investor Warren Buffett.

2010: Investments

Cerro Fabricated Products makes a major investment in state-of-the-art machining centers to expand our services, which now include forging, machining, and assembly. CFP is now a unique, full-service fabrication operation.

A Proud Part of the Marmon Group

Cerro Fabricated Products has been part of the Marmon Group of companies since 2008. As part of Marmon, we get all of the benefits of a large, successful corporate parent while enjoying the freedom to manage our company with our strong entrepreneurial style. This means we can focus on developing outstanding creative solutions for our customers while also making strategic investments in key growth areas our competitors simply can’t match.

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